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CEREC has changed the way we do dentistry. This system is the most accurate and simple of its kind. No more need for waiting days to get veneers, crowns, bridges and even inlays done, this office CAD-CAM system allows us to get more accurate impressions which leads to more accurate restorations. Cerec uses Lithium Disilicate ceramics, the hardest and purest Ceramics, to mill the right restoration for you in a matter of minutes.

CAD-CAM is short for Computer Assisted Design and Computer Assisted Milling. The CAD-CAM dentistry system comprises three components:
  1. The Acquisition device- This device takes high-definition photos of the prepared tooth or abutment and creates a 3-dimensional image on the screen. This image is then used in conjunction with the Computer Assisted Design system to design the perfect-looking and fitting ceramic restoration. Your restoration can then be examined from every angle and allows the dentist to make alterations depending on the patient and dentist’s desires.
  2. The Milling unit- Once the restoration is perfect, the dentist decides on a color that will match your existing teeth and/or your desires, and the correct ceramic block is then placed inside the milling unit. After a matter of 15 minutes, your restoration is complete but still in an unpolymerized state, meaning that it is not yet as hard and strong as wanted, final alterations are made at this stage inside the mouth. The restoration is then stained and placed inside the oven.
  3. The Oven- This is an amazing piece of equipment, for 15 minutes your restoration is heated at up to 870 C, this polymerizes the ceramic giving it the desired color and hardness. Once it is cooled off, it is placed inside the mouth with dental resin cement and after being allowed to set for 10 minutes you can go forth and know this treatment will not fail you, giving you not only peace of mind but also great esthetics.

Some proven advantages of CEREC

  • Increased reliability
  • Cost and time saving
  • 15 Microns fit, better than any human can do.
  • Less injections
  • Pain-free
  • Minimally Invasive
  • Bio Compatible products used
  • No Temporary Restorations.
cerec technology
cerec technology
cerec technology
cerec technology
cerec technology
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cerec technology

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We are a one-stop, all-you-need dental practice. We do the design, manufacturing, and placement all in one appointment, no need for a second appointment!


We also offer Invisalign braces, all on 6 dental implant placements and specialise in DSD

CEREC Technology

Multiple visits to the dentist’s office are often required to complete a single dental procedure, which can be a major hassle, especially for those who suffer from dental phobia. Thankfully, advancements in CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Aesthetic Ceramics) technology are allowing dentists to perform orthodontic, implant, and restorative procedures more quickly. If you don’t like going to the dentist, this will make your life easier by requiring fewer visits.


What is CEREC Dentistry?

CEREC CAD/CAM dentistry is a cutting-edge method for fabricating dental restorations that involves the use of high-definition intra-oral video scanning, specialised computer software, and accurate milling machines. With this equipment, we can skip the need of a third-party dental laboratory for the making of veneers, crowns, bridges, implant restorations, and surgical guides.

CAD/CAM is an acronym for computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing, and it is used in the dental industry for creating artificial teeth and other dental restorations. This is how it works:  After taking dental impressions, we first use computer software to generate a digital design of the restoration. The restoration is then machine-made from ceramic based on the sent-off design. It’s a cutting-edge technique that guarantees flawless dental work with pinpoint accuracy.


CEREC usually involves three simple steps

Before restoring a damaged tooth, our dentist will numb the area and clean the area thoroughly. Next, they’ll take an impression of your teeth or scan your mouth.

The dentist then uses specialised software to create a restoration that is an exact fit for your teeth and gums.

The restoration is carefully crafted based on the design specifications provided to sophisticated milling or grinding machinery. Once it’s ready, our dentist will put it in your mouth, make any changes that are needed, and attach it to your tooth. Your dental work will fit perfectly thanks to this fast and precise method. The whole thing takes about two hours.


Types of CEREC Technology

At Transformational Dentistry in White River, we provide a variety of CEREC dental restorations that are both cutting-edge and comfortable for patients. Crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, and onlays are all types of restorations used to improve dental health and aesthetics.

Crowns: A crown acts as a cap, protecting a weakened or broken tooth. To ensure that your new crown looks and feels just like your original teeth, we use CEREC technology to design each one individually. This restoration not only restores the tooth’s strength but also enhances its aesthetics.

Bridges: Dental bridges are a method of tooth replacement that involves bonding false teeth to adjacent natural teeth or dental implants. We take great care in crafting our CEREC bridges to achieve a snug and attractive fit. They improve your smile’s beauty while restoring your chewing and speaking abilities.

Veneers: Veneers are extremely thin shells that are attached to the front of teeth to improve their appearance. Veneers made with CEREC technology are long-lasting and visually beautiful. Veneers are an aesthetically pleasing option for changing the appearance of discoloured, misshapen, or crooked teeth.

Inlays: Inlays can restore teeth with mild decay or injury. They provide a conservative and aesthetically pleasing repair that fits within the cusps of your molars and premolars.

Onlays: Onlays, often known as partial crowns, cover a larger area of the tooth than inlays do. They are the best option when a tooth has sustained substantial damage but doesn’t need a full crown.

At Transformational Dentistry, we use CEREC because it simplifies the repair procedure. Thanks to our in-house resources, you won’t have to schedule repeated visits or settle for a temporary fix. In just one visit to our office, we can create, design, and set these dental restorations, saving you time while making sure you feel at ease throughout the entire process.


What You Should Ask Your Dentist About CEREC

Knowing the ins and outs of CAD/CAM technology before talking to your dentist is crucial. You might want to ask the following questions:

How is CAD/CAM Technology Used in Your Office? Dentists can benefit from CAD/CAM in a number of ways. Find out if your dentist generally utilises it for digitally scanning dental restorations or for in-office fabrication.

Outsourcing vs. In-House Fabrication: Find out if the scanned dental restorations are made in-house or if they are transported to an outside dental facility. How quickly and easily you can get help depends on this information.

Single-Visit Completion: Inquire about same-day dental restorations using the CAD/CAM technology at your dentist’s clinic. This is crucial for people who need quick, effective care.

Capability for Your Specific Needs: Verify if the dental office’s CAD/CAM equipment is capable of producing the necessary dental restoration. Finding a CAD/CAM system whose capabilities are compatible with your intended therapy is essential.


Advantages of CEREC

Cost and Time Saving

By removing the need for temporary restorations and many appointments, CEREC technology speeds up the restoration procedure. Since fewer appointments and supplies are required, this not only saves time but also money.


Exceptional Fit

CEREC’s ability to produce a fit with precision as thin as 15 microns is one of its most impressive capabilities. This precision is unattainable by a human dentist working alone, and it guarantees that the restoration will blend in perfectly with the natural teeth.


Increased Reliability

Precision and consistency are hallmarks of CEREC technology. The precision of digital scanning and design eliminates the need for trial-and-error adjustments to ensure a good fit for restorations. Patients can have faith that their dental restorations will last and perform as intended.


Minimally Invasive

With CEREC restorations, saving as much of the original tooth as possible is a top priority. This conservative method not only protects the tooth’s structural integrity, but also improves oral health in the long run. This also allows for painless medical procedures.


Safe Products

CEREC uses high-quality ceramics, which are bio-compatible and therefore safe for use in the mouth. Allergy and other negative responses are less likely to occur with these materials.


Single visit

Treatments with CEREC only take one visit to complete, unlike the several visits required for older restoration procedures. Without the need for temporary restorations, the patient can feel assured that their experience will be smooth and painless.