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Invisalign Braces

What is Invisalign ?

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Clear Aligners

Smiles are an important part of making a good first impression. In a poll for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Kelton Global found that nearly half of adults (48%) said that a person’s smile was the quality they remembered most about a new acquaintance.

The aesthetics of your teeth are also very important. Those with crooked teeth were rated as less handsome (37%) and less confident (25% ) than those with beautiful smiles.

The good news for those who are unhappy with their smile is that there is a solution. When it comes to straightening teeth and resolving structural dental difficulties, Invisalign, the clear aligner system, is a popular alternative to traditional braces.

Read on to learn more about this inconspicuous method of correcting your teeth’s alignment.


What is Invisalign?

Invisalign, made from proprietary SmartTrack thermoplastic aligner material, was invented by Align Technology 25 years ago and has since become a popular method for improving one’s smile. Surprisingly, Invisalign has helped over 12.8 million people improve the appearance of their smiles.

With Invisalign, you wear a series of transparent, removable aligners over time, and they gradually move your teeth into place. It functions in a similar way to conventional braces, but with many more advantages.

With Invisalign, unlike with traditional braces, you can remove the aligners before dining, so you can continue to eat all your usual foods without restriction. Also, unlike the metal wires and brackets commonly associated with traditional braces, these aligners are nearly undetectable. With this method, straightening your teeth is a smooth and unobtrusive process.


How Invisalign gets those stunning results

Consultation and Examination: The first step is to schedule a consultation with an Invisalign-trained dentist or orthodontist. At this first appointment, we’ll take some pictures and a detailed 3D digital scan of your teeth.

3D Technology: Invisalign uses state-of-the-art 3D printing technology to create your individual aligners. These custom-made aligners will fit your teeth like a glove.

Sequential Aligner Series: Invisalign uses a sequence of transparent aligners to gradually move your teeth by a quarter millimetre with each replacement. You’ll move on to the next set of aligners as your teeth begin to take on their final placements.

SmartForce Attachments: Your doctor may occasionally use SmartForce attachments to increase the efficiency of your Invisalign treatment. These are tiny buttons that are the same colour as your teeth and are attached to your teeth before or during your Invisalign treatment. They function as levers to increase the force applied to your aligners, allowing for more controlled tooth movement.


Who Needs Invisalign Braces?

If you’re having problems with your bite or your teeth don’t line up properly, Invisalign may be the answer.  It’s effective for people of all ages and particularly beneficial for those who have experienced bone and gum loss.

Patients as young as six years old can benefit from Invisalign treatment for a variety of orthodontic and restorative dental issues, including moderate to severe crowding.

There are cases where traditional metal braces are required, despite the fact that Invisalign is often preferred.  These include examples of extreme overbite or underbite, rotation of the teeth by more than 20 degrees, gaps larger than 0.5 millimetres, and the necessity to relocate a tooth higher or lower in the mouth.

It’s important to remember that patients must do their part in Invisalign treatment if they want to see consistent and predictable outcomes within predetermined time frames. The recommended wear time for aligners is 20–22 hours per day, with replacement sets used every one to two weeks.

Talking to your dentist or orthodontist will help you figure out which method will work best for you.


How Long Does Invisalign Braces Take to Work?

The time it takes to complete Invisalign treatment depends primarily on the individual and their specific orthodontic issues. While some people may only need three months of aligner wear to obtain their ideal smile, others may need more.

Invisalign treatment duration averages between six and eighteen months. Keep in mind that the length of time it takes to achieve your desired results will depend on a number of factors, including the severity of your orthodontic issues, your commitment to wearing the aligners as prescribed, and the advice of your dentist or orthodontist.

Talk to our knowledgeable staff to get an accurate quote tailored to your situation. We can give you an individual treatment plan and a more precise estimate of when you can expect to see results.


How Much Does Invisalign Braces Cost?

Treatment time and cost for Invisalign clear aligners might vary from person to person based on a number of factors. This means the final price may change depending on details like how long you need to wear the aligners and how severe your condition is.

Contact Transformational Dentistry today for an accurate estimate and individualised treatment plan. Depending on the specifics of your situation, our team of seasoned specialists can create a customised price quote to meet your requirements.


Benefits of Invisalign

Invisibility: People may not even realise you’re wearing them because of how discreet Invisalign aligners are. No metal brackets or wires are visible like they are with traditional braces, so they are less uncomfortable.

Comfortable: Since Invisalign doesn’t use brackets and wires, the treatment is far more snug and a lot less likely to cause irritation than traditional metal braces.

Preservation of Tooth Structure: The stability of your bite relies on having straight teeth. When your bite is correct, your teeth are less prone to wear down or chip prematurely.

When you get Invisalign, you’re not just getting a straighter smile; your dental health and teeth’s general condition will also improve. For people who want a more convenient and effective way to straighten their teeth and obtain a beautiful, healthy smile, Invisalign provides an appealing alternative, both in terms of its inconspicuous appearance and its long-term benefits.

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