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Digital Smile Design (DSD)

What Is digital smile design?

The DSD Concept is much more than a smile design system, it is the process and platform for achieving excellence in dentistry, using technology to improve communication with the patient, involving them in the process of designing their new smile, and fulfilling the commitment to reproducing it with absolute accuracy.

Up until recently, the limitations of technology held back the dream of achieving dental excellence.

“Previously, technology could not provide the results we and our patients deserve. Today technology is ready. The dream has come true!”

Christian Coachman.

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The DSD concept

Dr Verster

Dr Verster qualified

As a DSD Master In 2021

(DSD Master: A Dentist or Technician that applied and was approved for the Mastership program.)

The DSD Concept:

DSD was developed by Dr. Christian Coachman and provides a combination of systematic approaches and strategies to improve comprehensive dentistry,

  • –  Improved diagnosis
  • –  Smile design
  • –  Team communication
  • –  Treatment planning
  • –  Clinical execution
  • –  Improved patient understanding
DSD certified

DSD Treatment planning in cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign orthodontics

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The DSD Concept is based on 5 pillars:












Strategies and technologies to improve the quality of facial analysis and facially driven ideal smile design.

Strategies and technologies to improve decision-making and treatment planning through better team communication, diagnosis, and Interdisciplinary 3D simulations.

Strategies and Technologies to improve the way we present our treatments, using storytelling, Motivational Mock-ups, and visual communication, This is what we call “Emotional Dentistry”.

Strategies and Technologies to improve clinical efficacy and predictability, incorporating the concepts of Digital Lab, Guided Dentistry, and Digital Quality Control.

Strategies and Technologies to become a quality and efficient content generator, using the modern concepts of Digital Marketing and Word of Mouth to spread all the wonderful things that dentists can do for people.

all on 4 dental
all on 4 dental
Christian Coachman's DSD will forever change the way you practice dentistry. With its systematised approach, it will facilitate better and more accurate aesthetic treatment planning, and, most importantly, enable this treatment plan to be easily shared and confirmed with all members of the treatment and with our patients. Your patients will be highly motivated to accept treatment with the ability to "test" and confirm the desired aesthetic prescription, prior to any intervention. Finally, this treatment plan can come to a reality with accuracy and predictability....a win: win for clinicians, technicians and, most importantly, our patients!



Previously, technology could not provide the results we and our patients deserve. Today technology is ready. The dream has come true!

Christian Coachman

Why Choose Us for your
digital smile design procedure

Learning how to effectively communicate with others verbally and nonverbally is an essential skill. When put in different situations, people react in different ways to the human face. A smile goes a far way spreading kindness and goodwill in any interaction, be it super intimate or across various community dynamics.


The goal of aesthetic dental care is to restore both the tooth’s function and its aesthetics. Now more than ever, with to advances in medicine, a variety of options for enhancing one’s appearance are available.


How does your dentist figure out what size, shape, and colour to make your new dental crown, veneer, or bridge? Or, what if you’re looking for a radical change? Would you not feel more comfortable having a glimpse of what the suggested dental procedure will look like? Or if you could have a test run before you sign the dotted line?


Step into the universe of Digital Smile Design (DSD), where state-of-the-art software for changing and constructing smiles has completely revolutionised the field of cosmetic dentistry.


DSD’s facial-focus guarantees consistently excellent smile formation. The connection between the teeth, gums, lips, and smile, while the face is in motion, is documented in a series of still and moving images.


Patient participation and the ability to foresee the final product are fundamental to DSD’s interactive, individualised method for transforming smiles. As a result, patients experience natural-looking smiles and harmony that is above and beyond.

What DSD Will Do For You

In many situations, a boost in assurance and satisfaction with oneself can be as dramatic as the effect of a newly acquired, perfect smile. If you have a cavity or other imperfection in your noticeable teeth, your self-esteem may suffer. However, cosmetic dentistry can hide such flaws and give you a more attractive smile. This is arguably the most significant advantage of aesthetic dentistry.

Since no two persons are identical, careful consideration is given to each individual before designing the perfect smile. Various parts of the face work together as a whole. Changing one thing will invariably affect the other.

The revolutionary concept of DSD examines a person’s smile and generates a unique cosmetic augmentation using input scanners and photographs. These include several recommendations for enhancing the appearance of the smile from broad strokes to finer details. Your new smile will be created digitally, with careful consideration given to the shape of your face, as well as the colour and form of your teeth. You can now choose the smile that best complements your personality from among several options. The whole principle is around playing up the positives and downplaying the negatives of your own unique facial structure.  The most noticeable features of a smile are the upper and lower front teeth, and how they are positioned and oriented relative to one another.

The aesthetic appeal of our teeth is greatly impacted by the changes that occur naturally with age. Tooth length and colour changes (darkening and yellowing) are the most obvious and most amenable to treatment. Using DSD-derived precision measurements, one can restore the youthful appearance of a smile by simply increasing length, or by making the front centrals slightly longer than the laterals. Whether you require a routine checkup and cleaning, treatment for a cavity, or something more extreme like veneers or teeth whitening, the digital tools at Transformational Dentistry will ensure that you get the best possible results in the least amount of time.

Because of digital dentistry’s precision and speed, our dentist(s) can devise a treatment plan to fix your teeth in a single visit. Plus, compared to older methods, modern dental equipment scans 20% faster, allowing you to spend less time in the dental chair and more time doing the things you enjoy. A beautiful smile can be predicted with software, but actually achieving that smile in practise sometimes requires a team of specialists in fields as diverse as orthodontics, orthognathic surgery, periodontics, and plastic surgery.

With DSD you can rest assured your next dental visit will:

  • Be an all around improvement for both you and the dentist.
  • Receive dental care of the highest standard.
  • Be based on dependable and precise scans.
  • Deliver better outcomes in less time, thus less trips to the dentist.
  • Rely on up-to-date equipment and methods.
  • Ensure predictive oral health monitoring.

What to Expect at Your DSD Visit?

There is a certain sequence to the DSD process, which consists of several stages. Before beginning the 2D or 3D design process, the DSD dentist will listen and check for problems. He will listen to your backstory while also checking out your smile and teeth.This will set the stage for the plan and design phase, a digital design process that can take anywhere from a week to two.

Approximately a week or two after the plan is approved, we will print and make a prototype of your new smile. The moment of truth comes after this, before any dental work is done, when you see how your smile will look. The actual treatment itself can then commence, which could take several months. With the use of our Cerec 3D software, we can efficiently create and implement a treatment plan for you, which will ultimately result in the creation and placement of your custom-fit porcelain restorations over the course of multiple visits to our office.

The Pillars of DSD

Optimal smile design based on facial analysis is at the centre of DSD’s methods and technology. We strive for:

  1. Improved teamwork in diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment planning using interdisciplinary 3D simulations.
  2. What we call “Emotional Dentistry” that refers to the way we communicate our treatments to patients through the use of narrative, motivational mock-ups, and other forms of visual communication.
  3. Improved clinical productivity and foreknow ability by integrating the principles of the digital laboratory, guided dentistry, and the digital quality assurance lab.
  4. Powerhouse content production, spreading the word about the amazing work dentists do through the mediums of digital marketing and word-of-mouth.

Last words

A charming smile is something everyone should have. DSD is a cutting-edge, pinpoint piece of technology that can help in the creation of a smile that is both a reflection of your individuality and a source of self-assurance. Clinicians can use DSD software to inform patients of potential enhancements and get patient input on their needs and wants, empowering the patient to feel that he has a voice in his care.

DSD is an innovative multipurpose analytical programme with the ability to diagnose by doing extensive analysis of the patient’s face and dental qualities that may be missed by standard photography and the human eye.