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dental Implants

What are dental implants?

dental implants

A dental implant is a titanium body that represents the tooth root that is surgically placed inside the jaw. Once integrated this titanium screw is used as an anchorage device to replace the missing tooth. Different types and sizes of dental implants are used depending on your specific available bone.

A 3D scan or CBCT is taken on the initial visit, we use this to digitally plan the surgery. The correct implant and components are then ordered according to your specific requirements.

Studies show that a cone connection implant is the best, having least post op swelling and have the best gum healing properties. A certain grade of titanium together with a surface etched implant and a healthy medical history, have shown to have a 98% bone integration record, we can honestly say that the outcome can be predicted. Yours will be no different.
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You are probably wondering how we are doing this. Placement of a dental implant is a very simple procedure, minimally invasive. A snit is made in die gum at the area where the implant is going to be placed, and various sizes of drills are then used to get the site prepared. Once the correct size and depth are established the implant is screwed into the bone at the right revolutions and torque. This is a painless procedure. The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia or under sedation which is similar to deep sleep.

How tooth implantation work

After implant placement, depending on the primary stability of the implant we can immediately place a temporary crown on the implant this will look and feel like a new tooth but still need to be operated on with caution. In other cases, we will place a small healing abutment to help with the healing processes. The stability of the implant will be evaluated using a digitally ultrasonic Ostem, this helps us to predict the integration periods. One week after surgery we do a quick follow-up with photos and evaluate the general healing of the gums and bone, during this appointment we remove the sutures and can also make a clinical judgment on whether the implant will be successful or not.

The same digital ultrasonic Ostem is then used to measure a difference in the stability of the implant. Then because we use the right hardware we can restore the implant with the final crown 2 months after placement. A longer appointment is needed here to scan the implant and fabricate the final crown using our Cerec Omnicam Scanner and Milling unit from either Lithium Disilicate Porcelain known as E-max or Zirconium. Our restorative materials are metal-free, giving you peace of mind. Also, the best on the market, with a 10 Micron fit, this is better than any human can ever fabricate. This gives the ideal esthetics and is hard enough to withstand biting forces.

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Am I a candidate?

Anyone with a missing tooth or failing teeth (Terminal Dentition) is a candidate for dental implants. After clinical evaluation of the soft tissue and smile, the 3D scan is taken then we have all the information we need to decide on what is needed for a successful dental implant.

Certain factors that can influence the implant placement are the amount of bone available over the nerves, and the amount of bone between the sinuses. If these factors are limited, we do certain bone augmentation procedures to help get the right amount of bone in the right places to aid in the integration of the implant.

With our good success rate and scientifically proven procedures, we can confidently say that anyone is eligible for a dental implant.

All on Four Implants?

Groundbreaking technology together with decades of experience brings this treatment to you. All on four dental implants are exactly what the name suggests, all the teeth on four implants. If you are looking to replace all your teeth with fixed porcelain teeth, this is for you. It doesn’t matter if you have been without teeth for years or are in terminal dentition, you can have a full set of brand-new porcelain teeth.

How does it work?

On your initial visit, we will take a CBCT or 3D scan and plan your surgery digitally, this is pinpoint surgery at its best. After extraction of the remaining decayed and hopeless teeth, four or more implants are then placed in the jaw with a temporary bridge made on the implants on the same day. This will immediately increase your self-esteem and confidence as you never are without teeth. These temporary teeth are then replaced after 2 months with amazing perfect looking porcelain teeth, smile and chew ready.

All four enable you to have new teeth that won’t let you down by falling out or becoming loose as you get older. Make the investment now, it is worth a lifetime.